Google Fonts with Next.js and Tailwind

April 1 2024

When building a new website with Next.js 14, using the App Router, I wanted to use a particular Google font for the logo in the Navbar component.

There was quite a bit of documentation on the web, but all seemed to be related to setting a google font as the base font across all text on the site, so I decided to try and implement a function that I would import only in to the components where it was required.


I created a Logo.ts file that exports a NextFont object, by calling a specific font related function. The file exports an object called logo as it is the font used for the logo in the Navbar component.

// /ui/font/logo.js

import { Fredericka_the_Great } from "next/font/google";

const logo = Fredericka_the_Great({
    subsets: ['latin'],
    weight: ['400'],
    variable: '--font-fredericka'

export default logo;

This object can now be imported into the component where it is needed.

// /components/page/Navbar.tsx
import logo from "../../ui/fonts/Logo";

The logo object will have a property called className that can be used to apply a class to a text element that will then apply the font to that element.

// /components/page/Navbar.tsx
<Link href="/" className={logo.className}>The Sound</Link>


  • JavaScript
  • Next.js
  • Google Fonts
  • Tailwind

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