The daily album cover art guessing game

Based on Wordle, the daily word guessing game, this game involves guessing an album from a pixelated image of the cover art.

If the user enters an incorrect guess, the image becomes slightly less pixelated and the user can guess again.

If the user doesn't get the correct answer in 6 guesses, they lose the game.

Similar to other games that take inspiration from Wordle, PopIdle has the following features that make playing each day a must:

  • Ability to share daily statistics to social media using colour coded boxes to flag correct and incorrect answers
  • User statistics are saved to local storage meaning that the user doesn't need to log in but can see their win percentage and winning streak
  • Users can play previous games using the Album History page
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Web game
  • Angular
  • Headless CMS
  • Bulma

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